Casino Europa

Casino Europa – wins € 4 million

The year 2010 could not have started better for one lucky winner who won a jackpot by 4 million Euros that the fiction.

The payout in question was made at online casino Casino Europa, playing with slot machine “Beach Life.” Lady Luck kissed an Italian, for quite obvious reasons decided not to disclose their identity, in order to enjoy the 4 million that, surely, they changed their lives forever.

The slot machine online casino which distributed the incredible payout is produced by Playtech, a leading manufacturer of Root Casino New Zealand casino games, and is characterized by a progressive jackpot. This means that the payout builds up over time, and can even reach record numbers.

This same slot is present in other online casinos that use Playtech software, but the largest volume of revenue derives from the Casino Europa, frequented mainly by its Italian players. From an updated statistic, it could, in fact, found that more than a hundred Italian players of online casino enthusiasts make every day their first deposit at Europa Casino.

This is probably due to the fact that this fantastic online casino offers an incredible 100% bonus up to $ 100 monthly that, unlike other bonuses that follow complicated rules, it is also, above all, easy to pick up. The only condition linked to this bonus is, in fact, that it is necessary to wager the bonus + deposit for eight times before being able to withdraw the winnings obtained.

However, as with other online casino, Casino on the Europa site are the terms and the conditions of the bonus scheme which can be accessed by anyone before playing.

So, what are you waiting? Hurry to sign up for the Casino Europa, and perhaps the next lucky winner could be you!

Online bingo also lands in Italy

These days, held in Rome on national conference games and betting, during which Mr. Francesco Rodano, AAMS responsible for online gambling, has announced that by 2010 will be introduced two important innovations related to online casinos.

The first innovation is the introduction of “cash game” mode regarding online poker, that is the one played on the Net, while the second consists of the long-awaited chance to play online bingo.

The new virtual gambling halls for bingo will be connected to each other via computer, allowing all fans of this game of chance to play from your own home simply using their internet connection, but above all, the fact the rooms are all connected to each other will allow to multiply the prize pool and players to earn real money in higher quantities than the traditional bingo.

As for the costs of the folders, a 5 euro limit has been set for up to 50 folders for 10 cents each, for each player. This basically allows you to play anyone, and at the same time prevents big losses. Folders can also be purchased by phone or interactive TV phone, so players can access the virtual bingo at any time.

This news is very important for the online casino industry. In fact, the virtual gambling is a booming industry, while the real game halls are undergoing increasingly sharp falls.

The shifting of the casino and gambling halls on the internet will surely to the gambling industry to undergo a reaffirmation also in Italy, as has happened in other European countries, and it is hoped that 2010 will be the beginning of a new trend with the introduction of bingo in the Italian online casino.

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